Summer vibes during lockdown

If we can take one positive from recent weeks, it has to be the time we’ve spent connecting with nature, whether it’s in our gardens, a walk in the park or venturing into the countryside. We have noticed the birdsong, the busyness of insects and the onset of summer.

If you follow my social media stories, you will know I love the changing seasons and studying the flora and fauna. This year some of my plants, like the clematis and peony have been the best they’ve ever been, and they give a lot of joy.

Nature plays a huge part in my design process. I have a couple of hardy fuchsias in the garden.  The delicate flowers can really pack a punch of colour and that’s what I wanted to try and reproduce in my Fuchsia pattern. As with all my fabrics, it has been printed onto a soft cotton linen, which is perfect for curtains, cushions and blinds.

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