Simply Stripes

Stripes are one of the oldest patterns emanating from early weaving techniques. They are smart, versatile and add a relaxed homely feel to a room.

They work beautifully on their own and are an excellent choice for curtains and blinds where a room requires understated decoration.

Lulworth sage stripe curtains

Mix stripes with florals – this is a personal favourite combination of mine, it’s the ultimate in relaxed country décor.

Stripes can be added as borders, trimmings or piping. In the photo below my Pinstripe has been used to back the cottage pleats in these pretty bedroom curtains.
For a totally luxurious curtain or blind, why not have them lined with a coordinating stripe.

Abigail Hydrangea fabric curtains with Pinstripe pink

My Pinstripe is so fine, it’s almost a plain, but it just gives an element of texture. It’s available in 11 useful shades that work with my floral fabrics.

Pinstripe fabric

If you’re looking for a bolder stripe, Lulworth might be the answer. It is a classic pencil stripe that works on its own or mixed with other fabrics.
Have a look at my stripes page for more inspiration.

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