Love your Greens

With each shift in the season, nature delivers a new colour palette, and this is particularly noticeable with greens. Spring brings forth tender shoots of fresh lime green, followed by Summer’s jewel-like vibrant greens and finally the more subdued olive greens of Autumn. As in nature, green goes with everything. As in nature, greens go with everything and are a joy to live with, they are calming, fresh, inviting and energising.
Green paint, pot plants and botanical prints are a popular way to bring nature into our homes.

I have put together a selection of my green and botanical fabrics which are perfect for bringing the outside in.

Left to right: Pinstripe green fabric, Field Study green fabric

‘Pinstripe’ is a fine hand painted stripe that’s almost a plain and perfect for co-ordinating with my other fabrics. It’s available in several shades of green and many other useful colours.

Botanical prints are great for creating a fresh, outdoorsy feel. ‘Field Study’ is  based on a collection of my drawings from  the fields and lanes whilst out walking in the countryside.

Left to right: Apple Blossom green fabric, Meadow Grass green fabric

If you look up under the canopy of an old apple tree, this is what you see in late Spring. ‘Apple Blossom’ is a gentle design that’s available in several pretty shades.

‘Meadow Grass’ is a great way to bring foliage into your home. Silhouetted grasses printed onto natural stone linen give this fabric a lovely rustic feel.

A subtle print of leaves gives a hint of nature. ‘Kitchen Garden’ in green fabric is a delicate leaf print from my runner bean plants. This pattern looks great made into lampshades, blinds and curtains.

Kitchen Garden green fabric

I have quite a few greens across my fabric collections, here are just a few of my favourites, but there are plenty more fabrics to choose from and they all look gorgeous made into curtains, cushions and blinds.

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