Life in the Slow Lane

As many of us rediscovered the comforts of home and embraced nature during lockdown, a rising lifestyle trend called cottagecore emerged to the fore. It’s not a new trend but has certainly gained popularity over recent months.

Simply put, cottagecore it is a trend that celebrates simplicity, the home and rural life. There has been time to rediscover traditional skills and crafts including things like baking, gardening, knitting and sewing. And for many there has been a return to nature, a craving for cosiness, and a yearning for a slower, sustainable and more soulful way of life.

Recent events have also made us look at our homes and has led to a huge rise in re-decorating. Try getting paint during lockdown! The need for cosiness and safety have become high on the agenda and as a result the cottage aesthetic has become increasingly sought after.

The cottage look has always been popular, but people are actively seeking to ‘cosify’ their homes.  It’s all about creating an inviting, wholesome, rural feel whether you live in the country or the town.

If you like the idea of creating this look, start with simple elements such as neutral colours, muted tones and rustic carpentry. The look embraces feminine, floral patterns and the clutter of life, with things like dried flowers, jugs, plates and photos.
Warm whites, soft pinks and duck egg blues are perfect for the walls. Layer the look with cushions, floral linens and textures like knitted items and crocheted blankets to give a cosy feel. Pottery, baskets and life’s treasures will add to the nostalgic, country look.

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