Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how your furnishing fabrics start off?

I’ve had so much interest in my design process and curiosity about my studio, that I decided to commission a short video with the help of Jemma Cholawo. Between us, we made a short film to show the development of my designs and the inspiration behind my work.

When the day of filming arrived, I was feeling excited and a little apprehensive. As a designer, I’m happiest working quietly behind the scenes and so having to speak to the camera was a totally new experience for me. Funnily enough I’m not usually short of things to say until faced with a microphone! However, Jemma was great and soon put me at my ease.

Surprisingly for a short film, it took over half a day of filming. There was also a lot of pre-planning before the day of filming. I now understand why a film takes so long in the making, but it was a hugely interesting experience.

We had a lot of fun putting this together, and I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my world. Just click the image below to follow the link, or visit the studio tab.