Finalist in the BITA Awards 2018

BITA is the voice of British Interiors & Textiles and aims to inform, support and promote all aspects of the Interiors & Textiles Industry.  As an organisation, BITA promotes all areas of the British Textiles and Interiors industry and helps to represent our work and products throughout the UK and abroad.

Launched in 2017, the BITA Awards celebrate excellence, originality and hard work across the sector.

I am so excited to have been nominated as a finalist in the Best Fabric Brand category for 2018.

Finalists and winners are chosen by their peers from across the interiors and textiles industry here in the UK, which is a great accolade.  I understand that there have been a huge number of nominations this year, so I feel very proud to be in the finals.

The finals will take place later in the year at a Summer Garden Party… fingers crossed.

Along with the votes themselves, BITA members and customers have given feedback about the company and my fabrics – here are some of the generous comments:

“So lovely to receive a personal message.”

“Love the softness of your colours – beautiful.”

“Thank you very much for being so attentive”

“Can’t thank Jacqueline Milton enough for her help, the fabric was recoloured and printed railroaded specifically for our project.”