Bitter, Sweet and Zesty

January to February means marmalade making time in the Milton household. It’s an event that takes up most of the day and the kitchen is completely taken over with recycled jam jars and other marmalade making paraphernalia. The house is filled with a wonderful, heady aroma of oranges and the result is a dozen jars of amber marmalade. Given that the weather is usually a little inclement during these months, it’s something we look forward to doing. The recipe is one I’ve used for years and never lets me down.

marmalade pots

If you fancy having a go you will need a large wide-based pan (or a proper jam making/preserving pan), a wide-mouthed funnel (makes life easier but not essential), clear jam covers and wax discs, a muslin cloth (you can find these items in kitchen shops), a long handled wooden spoon and jam jars. I collect jars over the year for making jams and preserves. Continue Reading…