New fabrics for Spring 2017

It’s a hugely exciting time for me in the studio at the moment. I am planning my debut fabric collection which will be launched next spring. The first samples are due to arrive any day now and the studio has had a bit of a makeover to accommodate the new arrivals!

I’ve decided to print my designs onto linens or linen blends and I’m happy that I’ve been able to source these in the UK.


Linen is a fabric made from the fibres of the flax plant. Before it can be produced, the fibres have to be removed from the stem of the plant. Producing linen cloth is a complicated and lengthy process and requires great skill at each stage of production.

I didn’t know until I started reading about it, that the earliest evidence of flax used in textiles dates back 30,000 years – hard to imagine!

The presence of “slubs” or small knots that appear randomly in its weave are all part of its charm, enhancing its natural appearance and texture. Linen comes in a range of shades and I plan to use a natural and an oyster shade in the collections. Best of all, it’s so soft………

Watch this space for progress!